The 500 Calorie Diet Plan

Going on a 500 calorie diet plan is a very low caloric intake if you want to lose weight. Usually, when on the 500 calorie diet plan, this is paired with the HCG diet which was introduced by Dr. Simeon. But if you just feel like doing this fad diet, the 500 calorie diet plan should not last long because it can be detrimental to the body. Remember that in order to have a leaner body, you need to lose weight in a healthy manner.500 calorie diet plan

When doing the 500 calorie diet plan, keep in mind that you need to eat healthy foods. That is why, when you look at diet books like The Fat Loss Factor, most of the diet menus and recipes have a balance of greens, fruits and lean meat. When you do the 500 calorie diet plan, keep in mind to avoid eating too many foods with saturated fat. When on the 500 calorie diet plan, you may lose up to 15 pounds or 7 kilos a week if you follow the diet plan strictly. Here is the sample menu:


Breakfast while on the 500 calorie diet plan

  • 1 glass of skim milk
  • Two toasts of wheat bread with peanut butter or jam
  • A pear or apple

500 calorie diet plan lunch

  • 1 serving of green salad
  • A glass of orange juice
  • ½ cup of fat-free yogurt

Dinner for the 500 calorie diet plan

  • 1 cup of baked fries
  • ½ cup of salad with non-fat vinaigrette
  • 1 glass of juice
  • 1 cup of steamed vegetables
  • 2 cups Mexican chicken casserole

Keeping on track with the 500 calorie diet plan can be difficult. There are a lot of temptations that you need to overcome so that you will lose weight. Sometimes, you think that your food is bland and boring. You don’t need to worry about that because the Fat Loss Factor has a lot of ingredients and recipes that are healthy and are in tune with your 500 calorie diet plan. Here are some tips to help you go through the obstacles faced when in this kind of diet.

  • Temptations and cravings can be difficult to manage especially when faced with a lot of food. Although you keep in mind that you are on the 500 calorie diet plan, the smell of doughnuts or the sight of chocolates will lure you. In order to avoid that, keep yourself busy. Do other activities so that when you are tired, all you need to do is sleep and not think about food.
  • Do not forget to keep water handy. There are instances wherein you feel like eating but all you need is to drink water. Water is safe to drink and it rehydrates your body, speeds your metabolism and it helps in digesting the food.
  • When you feel like your food is boring, you can always refer to the Fat Loss Factor where you will be introduced to a lot of healthy dishes that you can eat while on the 500 calorie diet plans. The beauty with cooking is that that it is versatile and you can add or subtract its flavors.

The Fat Loss Factor will be able to help you get through this diet plan without a problem if you just follow their guides and tips carefully. Eating healthy, preparing healthy meals and counting your calories are all part of their tips that you need to learn.